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The Rewards of Productive Partnering

Since 1984, iC-Haus has specialized in producing customized, project-orientated integrated circuits. The company offers the entire spectrum of semiconductor services, from design to fully tested mass-produced product. Application-specific customized ICs are at the heart of iC-Haus capabilities, and are well-served by the structure and services of its technical and production units.

Flexible product design and project implementation - carried out by motivated and qualified engineers - are the major factors which determine a project's success. Access to industrial process lines for the basic material, silicon, guarantees the necessary continuity, delivery assurance, and quality, and also ensures a share in technological progress. iC-Haus assembly, functional testing, and quality assurance services conclude the production process of an innovative series product: the customized iC.


Realizing a circuit - or even an entire system - on a chip is the highest level of integration in microelectronics. Monolithic integration realizes miniaturization and reliability and gives an innovative push to a new generation of devices.

The combination of analog and digital circuitry components in a single device - with additional sensors and drivers for actuators, if required - has proven itself in many systems and devices, such as those for signal processing or in automotive, control, and automation engineering.



In the definition phase of a project, performance specifications and customer expectations establish the features of the product and the milestones in its development. These preliminary tasks include both parties' responsibilities to find a solution which optimizes all appropriate technological possibilities.

The engineer's initial ideas on how to realize the circuit are schematically entered into the computer, then verified in a network evaluation process and tested on a breadboard. The latter two processes complement each other; breadboards can be tested in the system environment, and logic and analog simulation confirms design results with regard to potential parameter tolerances in the intended temperature range.

When preparing the layout, the chip's geometry is defined interactively on the screen, a process requiring the exceptional process and semiconductor-specific knowledge of its designer. The prepared cells are inserted into a stylized diagram of the layout which can be broken down for project-specific modifications.

iC-Haus designs are based on manufacturer-independent cell libraries which range from basic elements to entire circuit blocks. These include operational amplifiers, regulators, references, switching regulators, counters and registers, arithmetic and logical units, as well as A/D and D/A converters.

iC-Haus has also developed and patented special circuit technologies for sensors, driver devices, and protection against damage and parasitic interferences.

Test and Qualification

Work and investment at iC-Haus focus on mass production, enabling the company to meet the customer’s terms of acceptance with continuous high quality and delivery assurance. Each incoming batch of wafers is checked and parametrically qualified, and an automated functional test is carried out by wafer probers for each chip.


The test program is drawn up in accordance with the specifications for the chip and marks a decisive step in its development. In order to cover all failure modes, all function blocks are tested under normal and extreme operating conditions.

iC-Haus technology and assembly are certified with regular audits for quality assurance. Only after the chips have successfully passed the final test, they are released for delivery, marked with the letters "iC" for quality.

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