iC-PVS    Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Absolute Position Hall Sensor - (new)

  • Freely scalable hollow-shaft absolute multiturn position sensors
  • Freely scalable linear absolute position sensors
  • Ferrous gear wheel or magnetic scale scanning
  • Configurable magnetic sensing heads
  • Incremental scanning
  • High-performance Hall sensors with analog output for downstream high-resolution A/D conversion
  • Fits magnetic scales of 1.0 mm up to 2.5 mm pole width or gear tooth modules of 0.3 up to 1.5
  • Absolute position data with battery-buffered period counting up to 56 bits
  • Adjustable period count per mechanical revolution: FlexCount logic for 1 to 65,536 magnetic periods
  • Backup battery current consumption of only 2 µA to 30 µA in typical applications
  • Internal 6-bit flash interpolation
  • Incremental output (ABZ) with up to 64 increments per magnetic period
  • Serial I/O interfaces (BiSS, SSI, SPI, and I²C)
  • Tracking speed of up to 75 m/s (1.5 mm poles) or 46,000 rpm (32 pole pairs)
  • Differential scanning for high immunity to external magnetic stray fields
  • I²C master function for initial boot-up from EEPROM
  • Overspeed, battery, loss-of-magnet and RAM (CRC) monitoring
  • Main supply voltage of 3.15 V to 5.5 V
PVS_ Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Absolute Position Hall Sensor
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