iC-NZP    P-Type Laser Diode Driver with APC and ACC

  • Pulsed and CW LD modules
  • Laser diode pointers
  • Laser levels
  • Bar-code readers
  • Distance measurement
  • Peak value controlled laser driver for operation from CW up to 155 MHz
  • Spike-free switching of laser currents of up to 300 mA
  • Setting of laser power (APC) via external resistor
  • Optional current control (ACC)
  • Laser current limitation
  • LVDS/TTL switching input with TTL monitor output
  • Low current consumption sleep-mode < 50 μA
  • Safety shutdown with overtemperature
  • Error signal output with overtemperature, undervoltage and overcurrent
  • All current LD types can be used (P/M/N configurations)
  • Fast soft-start
  • Strong suppression of transients with small external capacitors
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