iC-MA    8-Bit Angular Hall Encoder IC , Cascadable

  • Analog and digital angle sensors
  • Incremental angular encoders
  • Magnetic multiturn encoders
  • Potentiometer replacement
  • Contactless rotary switch
  • Commutation of brushless DC motors
  • Flow meter
  • Quadruple Hall sensor array for error-tolerant adjustment
  • Non-sensitive to magnetic stray fields due to differential measurement technique
  • Interpolator with a resolution of up to 256 angle steps per cycle
  • Rotational speeds up to 60 000 rpm
  • 4 buffered I/O stages for signal outputs
  • Three configuration inputs for operating mode selection
  • Analog operation modes:
    - sine/cosine signals controlled to 2 Vpp
    - triangle or sawtooth signal with selectable amplitude
  • Digital operation modes:
    - A/B quadrature signals with Z index pulse
    - Counter pulses for external binary counters
  • Cascading of multiple iC-MA possible for chain operation
  • Error signal output for detection of low magnetic field strength
  • Additional operating modes with reduced power consumption
  • Standby mode when not enabled
  • Extended temperature range of -40...+125 °C
8-Bit Angular Hall Encoder IC , Cascadable
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