ASiC Design for You

Sometimes “the standard” isn’t enough. Perhaps you have a mission-critical feature that is missing from one of our standard chips? Maybe a part you are using has become obsolete and you are looking for a replacement? Or maybe you have a challenging new idea and are looking for a team to help you with your application of tomorrow?

If you are thinking about a custom solution, tailored to your needs and ideas, please feel free to contact our ASiC experts and discuss your projects with us.

The Rewards of Productive Partnering

Learn how iC-Haus can help you realize the full potential of your projects – on time, on budget, and with the highest assurance of quality, reliability, and performance.

Since 1984, iC-Haus has specialized in the production of customized, project-oriented integrated circuits. The company offers a full range of semiconductor services, from design to fully tested volume products. Application-specific, customized iCs are at the core of iC-Haus’ capabilities and benefit from the support of its technical and production units.

Flexible product design and project implementation, carried out by motivated and qualified engineers, are the key factors that determine the success of a project. Access to industrial process lines for the basic material silicon guarantees the necessary continuity, delivery reliability and quality, while at the same time ensuring participation in technological progress. iC-Haus’ assembly, functional testing and quality assurance services complete the production process of an innovative series product: the customized iC.


The realization of a circuit or even an entire system on a chip represents the highest level of integration in microelectronics. Monolithic integration allows miniaturization and improves reliability, giving an innovative boost to a new generation of devices.

The combination of analog and digital circuit components in a single device, along with additional sensors and drivers for actuators as needed, has proven successful in numerous systems and devices, including applications in signal processing, automotive, control and automation.

ASiC Project Flow