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Am Kuemmerling 18
55294 Bodenheim, Germany

Tel. +49 61 35 / 92 92-0
Fax +49 61 35 / 92 92-192

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OpenPGP Encryption

For protection of the confidentiality of your information feel free to use our PGP public key to send us PGP-encrypted email. This will keep your information secure against eavesdroppers.
You can find more information and tools regarding OpenPGP, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) at
www.pgpi.org or www.gnupg.org.

Fingerprint of our public key: F447 80CA 5153 E18A 8E6B CE7A 7D67 5CC6 3D1C 96DE

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