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automatica 2018 19.06.2018
Munich, June 19-22, 2018, hall B6, booth 521


High-Resolution Reflective Encoder

iC-Haus will present a compact reference design of iC-PR sensor and iC-TW28 interpolator chip. This 2-chip reflective optical incremental encoder solution will help designers to lower manufacturing costs while providing high resolution, highest flexibility, and outstanding performance.

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Off-Axis Magnetic Absolute Multiturn Encoder

Suitable for collaborative robots and other applications that need high-resolution absolute position: our iC-MU Series in combination with the battery-buffered multiturn counter iC-PVL.

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High-Resolution Optical Encoder with Wiegand Multiturn

Combining the best of two worlds: an optical encoder with 23-bit singleturn resolution combined with a magnetic multiturn based on the Wiegand wire energy harvesting principle. We show what is possible utilizing iC-Haus’ cutting edge technologies.

…read more about the iC-PMX and the iC-PNH Series

BiSS Association e.V.

The user society for open source BiSS Interface applications presents BiSS Line as the world’s only bus-compatible, open One Cable Technology with forward error correction.

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Meet us at automatica, hall B6, booth 521, in Munich.
June 19-22, 2018.

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