iC-TW29    26-Bit Encoder Processor with Interpolation and BiSS Interface

  • Rotary and linear incremental or absolute encoders
  • Magnetic or optical sin/cos sensor interface
  • Brushless motor commutation (2...64 poles)
  • Imbedded motion control
  • Any output resolution with any input resolution
  • Independently-programmed ABZ, UVW, and BiSS resolutions
  • Absolute data interface for external revolution counters
  • BiSS C-Mode interface (Encoder Profiles 3, 3S, and 4)
  • 26-bit single-turn position and 32-bit revolution count via SPI
  • Four capture registers for coded reference marks and touch-probe applications
  • Eccentricity compensation
  • Input frequency up to 700 kHz
  • AB output frequency of up to 12.5 MHz
  • Differential RS422 line driver outputs for ABZ or UVW
  • Simultaneous single-ended outputs for ABZ, UVW, BiSS
  • Automatic compensation of amplitude, offset, and phase errors
  • Digital filtering for ultra-low output jitter
  • Encoder Link interface for in-field re-configuration
  • Internal EEPROM and oscillator
  • LED intensity control by PWM output
  • Low latency (2.4 µs or 5.0 μs)
  • Pin-compatible with iC-TW28
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