iC-Haus has specialized in producing customized, project-orientated integrated circuits. The company offers the entire spectrum of semiconductor services, from design to the fully tested, mass-produced product. Application-specific, customized iCs drive the iC-Haus capability, as well as the structure and services of its technical and production units.


Flexible product design and project implementation carried out by motivated and qualified engineers are the major factors which determine a project's success. Access to industrial process lines for the basic material, silicon, guarantees the necessary continuity, delivery assurance and quality, and also a share in technological progress. iC-Haus assembly, functions testing and quality assurance services conclude the production process of an innovative series product - the customized iC resp. ASiC.

Test Service

iC-Haus offers test service for sensors, MST and MEMs. Microsystems as Chip-On-Board units with sensors (eg. optical and magnetic) can be tested using special automated handling equipment.


The strong growth of microsystems with their many functions and mounting forms makes innovative demands on test handling. A thorough function test requires flexibility for an automated process to cover not only electrical parameters but also other physical properties.

By employment of the MST handler "Leonardo" from ic-automation iC-Haus offers a flexible test facility for fully automated handling and testing of electrical and physical microsystem parameters through stimulation by light, magnetic fields, acceleration, pressure, temperature etc.


iCs and micro systems featuring optical sensors require special packages to allow the incidence of light. Also the reduction of required space calls for chip-scale packages or customized chip-on-board (COB) micro systems.


Thus combining the glass-on-chip technique with new PCB technologies available (HDI) iC-Haus introduced the optoBGA package as the final step towards real chip-scale size especially for integrated circuits featuring optical sensors.

Benefit from our know-how and facilities to let iC-Haus present you packaging solutions for sensors, multichip modules and micro systems.

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