Quality & Reliability

Our basic corporate philosophy is to provide high-performance, economic products and services which fully satisfy high demands for quality. The management of iC-Haus defines its strategic goals for quality in the following 3-Zero Program:

Zero Defect Quality

We shall supply competitive products to customers on time and with zero defects. This requires thorough testing with regard to specifications and careful implementation of function tests at various temperatures.

Zero Defects in Product Lifetimes

Prudent design acts as a foundation upon which products of the utmost reliability are developed.

Processes and products are qualified through stress tests in accordance with state-of-the-art technology. Production lots have to go through screening procedures as a qualification gate.

Zero Redesigns

Our strategy of avoiding errors starts at the system development stage and accompanies the entire design process. "Doing it right the first time" saves considerable cost and effort and is prerequisite for the success of a project through a short time to market.

In order to meet the demands made on the company by quality policy, iC-Haus has organized and documented its system of quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. Requirements concerning the quality of all products and the filling of contracts are governed by the targets and standards of the automotive industry.

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