PVL3M    iC-PVL Evaluation Board with On-Axis AMR Angle Sensor

  • End-of-shaft angle sensing
  • Absolute position and speed measurement
  • Gearless revolution sensing
  • Standalone: counted revolution (up to 40 bit) via SSI or I2C, sine/cosine (2 cpr)
  • Non-volatile revolution counting due to battery-backup
  • Configuration from GUI software (Windows) via I2C

  • Using iC-TW29 (board TW29_3D): angle resolution of up to 5 arcsec
  • High-resolution interpolation with automatic error correction
  • 18-bit ST with 24-bit MT position data via SPI, SSI and BiSS
  • Configuration from GUI software (Windows) via SPI or BiSS

  • Included components:
    PCB module PVL3M
    BiSS adapter cable (10-pole ribbon to 9-pole D-Sub)
    Precision magnets (diametric, size 14 mm)
    On-board battery (for demo only)

  • Related parts:
    iC-TW29 evaluation boards (TW29_1D, TW29_3D)
PVL3M Evaluation Kit
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