iC-MZ    Differential Hall Switch and Gear-Tooth Sensor with Line Driver

  • Gear wheel sensing
  • Pole wheel and magnetic tape scanning
  • Magnetic incremental encoders
  • Proximity switches
  • Two-channel line drivers up to 100 kHz
  • Dual Hall sensors set 2.0 mm apart
  • Magnetic field frequency range from DC to 40 kHz
  • Supply voltage range 4.5 to 36 V
  • Complementary push-pull line driver outputs with integrated line adaptation
  • Output stages are current limited and short-circuit-proof due to temperature shutdown
  • Min. 200 mA output current at 24 V supply voltage
  • Low driver stage saturation voltage (< 0.4 V at 30 mA)
  • RS422-compatible (TIA / EIA standard)
  • Temperature and supply voltage monitor with error messaging
  • Amplified differential sensor signal, accessible for diagnostic purposes
  • Additional mode of operation (twofold line driver)
Differential Hall Switch and Gear-Tooth Sensor with Line Driver
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