iC-LV    5-Bit Optical Encoder with Cascadable Serial Interface (SSI)

  • Scanning with constant-light evaluation for optical encoders
  • Low-res singleturn encoders
  • Multiturn encoders
  • High synchronism and technical reliability due to monolithic construction featuring on-chip photosensors
  • Scanning with constant-light evaluation at a pitch of 600 µm
  • Photocurrent amplifiers with high cut-off frequency
  • Adjustable illumination control with 40 mA LED driver ensures constant receiver power over life
  • Monitoring of safe operating range with alarm message (eg. EOL message on LED control error)
  • Serial data output via extended SSI interface
  • Parallel 5 bit data output as Gray or binary code
  • Adjustable phase of MSB track selects for sense of Gray code direction
  • Selectable all-track bit inversion
  • Supports chain circuits of multiple devices including synchronisation options
  • Integrated test aids
  • Single 4 to 5.5 V supply, low power consumption
  • Extended operating temperature range of -40 to 125 °C
5-Bit Optical Encoder with Cascadable Serial Interface (SSI)
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