iC-GF    IO-Link Transceiver for IO-Link Slaves

  • IO-Link slaves
  • I/O sensor interface
  • Digital sensors
  • Light barriers
  • Proximity switches
  • IO-Link compliant slave transceiver
  • Dual channel switches, configurable for high-side, low-side and push-pull operation with tristate function
  • Configuration via pins or SPI interface
  • Switches are current limited
  • Switches, iC supply and feedback channel are protected against reverse polarity
  • Output current of up to 150 mA per channel
  • Parallel connection of both channels possible
  • The channels can be inverted for antivalent output
  • Sensor communication request function (IO-Link wake-up)
  • Wide supply voltage range of 9 to 30 V
  • Sensor parametrisation via a feedback channel (up to 30 V)
  • Switching converters and linear regulators for 3.3/5 V voltage generation
  • Error detection with hysteresis with excess temperature, overload and undervoltage
  • Driver shut-down on all errors
  • Error signalling at two open-collector outputs
IO-Link Transceiver for IO-Link Slaves
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