iC-GE100    PWM Relay/Solenoid Driver (100 mA)

  • PWM driver for inductive loads (e.g. 6/12 V relays, electrovalves) from 24 V
  • Relay low-/high-side switch
  • Current control for inductive actuators at 24 V (10 to 36 V)
  • Power saving and power dissipation reduced switching
  • Individual setting of energising and hold current
  • Contact conserving switching of relays synchronous to the mains
  • High efficient current control up to 100mA
  • Monitoring of coil current, supply voltage and temperature
  • Shutdown with overtemperature and undervoltage
  • Status indication via LED or logic output
  • Fast demagnetising with 15 V countervoltage
    DFN8 3x3
PWM Relay/Solenoid Driver (100 mA)
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