iC-TW11    10-Bit Ultra Low Power Magnetic Absolute Rotary Encoder - (new)

  • Battery-powered portable equipment
  • Digital potentiometers and front panel controls
  • Servo or stepper motor feedback
  • Assembly robots and autonomous vehicles
  • Office equipment and household appliances
  • 10-bit angle resolution
  • Split power supplies for 1.8 V I/O applications
  • Sampling initiated via SPI command or dedicated pin
  • Interrupt input and output for chaining multiple devices
  • 4 kHz typ. maximum sampling frequency
  • 21 μA typical supply current at 10 Hz sampling frequency
  • Low power mode reduces current to 3 μA at 10 Hz
  • Automatic sleep mode draws ≤ 100 nA between samples
  • Standard 4-wire SPI communication
  • Automatic Hall element gain control (AGC)
  • Operational temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C
  • Space-saving, RoHS compliant 4x4 mm QFN16 package
10-Bit Ultra Low Power Magnetic Absolute Rotary Encoder
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