The Magnetic Encoder iCs provide linear and rotary magnetic encoding and signal conditioning. Differential sensing reduces displacements and magnetic field errors.

Applications: Linear and angular encoders, position measurement systems, robotics motion and vehicle control

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iC-MA 8-Bit Angular Hall Encoder IC , Cascadable  
iC-MA3 Angular Hall Sensor with Sin/Cos Output, Cascadable - (new)  
iC-MH 12-Bit Angular Hall Encoder IC with Commutation, Incremental and Serial Outputs  
iC-MH16 12-Bit Angular Hall Encoder - (new)  
iC-MH8 12-Bit Angular Hall Encoder with Sin/Cos Outputs  
iC-MHA Angular Hall Encoder with Sin/Cos Outputs  
iC-MHL200 12-Bit Linear / Rotary Position Hall Encoder  
iC-MHM 14-Bit Absolute Angle Hall Encoder  
iC-ML 8-Bit Linear Position Hall Encoder IC , Cascadable  
iC-MP 8-Bit Hall Encoder IC with Ratiometric Output  
iC-MU Magnetic Off-Axis Absolute Position Encoder - pole width 1.28 mm  
iC-MU150 Magnetic Off-Axis Absolute Position Encoder - pole width 1.50 mm - (new)  
iC-MV 8-Bit Hall Encoder with Cascadable Serial Interface  
iC-PM Energy-Harvesting Multiturn Counter/Encoder  
iC-PMX Energy Harvesting Multiturn Counter/Encoder - (new)  
iC-PV Battery-Buffered Hall Multiturn Encoder  
iC-PVL Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Hall Multiturn Encoder - (new)  
iC-TW11 10-Bit Ultra Low Power Magnetic Absolute Rotary Encoder - (new)  
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