iC-PV    Battery-Buffered Hall-Multiturn Encoder

  • Gearless revolution counting
  • Absolute end-of-shaft position sensors
  • Metering applications
  • Multiturn encoders
  • Integrated Hall sensors with auto-gain and offset control
  • Adjustable performance of tracking (12,000 to 100,000 rpm) versus power consumption (2 µA to 30 µA in average)
  • Configurable multiturn counting of up to 40 bits
  • Octal encoder mode (singleturn) with 3-bit parallel output
  • Shift-register input for singleturn position
  • Shift-register output of synchronized MT/ST position
  • SSI multiturn data output with error, parity, and sync. bits
  • Adjustable multiturn preset value
  • Pin-triggered preset and boot-up from external EEPROM
  • I²C multi-master interface to read EEPROM
  • Supply voltage range of 3.0 V to 5.5 V
  • Integrated supply switching to backup battery
  • Error output on overspeed, low battery, and CRC failure
  • Space-saving 16-pin QFN package
 Battery-Buffered Hall-Multiturn Encoder
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